The Harvard – Yale game, 2010 edition

Alli and I went to the Harvard – Yale annual football game last week.  It was our second time at “The Game,” as they call it, following the 2008 edition.  We’re not big college football fans, so we go more for the social aspect of tailgating with friends, but it was fun.

Sitting on the stone benches in Harvard Stadium is not warm.  Even on a warm day for the season, those benches are still cold, and they’re in the shade much of the time.  Bringing a blanket or something else to sit on, any insulation really, is useful.

It’s nice that there’s plenty of room for tailgating.  We hung out with a few dozen Kennedy School alumni and students, and there was plenty of room.  Some folks organized Redbones BBQ for tailgating, which was awesome.

The game itself was fine.  Harvard won, so that’s good, and the game was close and mostly entertaining.  I’m not a huge college football fan, although I love college basketball and some other college sports.  Still, this is worth attending once in a while.  Once every other year feels about right to me 😉