Restaurant review: Basho

Last night Alli and I went to Basho to celebrate our monthly date night.  Although it was a wintry Wednesday night and the restaurant was only half-full, we had a great time.

The first thing that struck us was the decor.  It’s gorgeous, set out in a modern Asian way, with nice lightning, fixtures, and touches all around.  Really cool without being over the top.

The menu is full of interesting choices.  We ended up just choosing a handful of the most interesting appetizers, small plates, and rolls.  We had a couple of skewers off the robata grill, with Kobe beef and pork belly with mustard.  The Kobe beef skewers were excellent.

We had some miso black cod, which was very good, and perfectly prepared.  The seared toro with BBQ sauce and truffle oil was a little strange though, like the three great ingredients didn’t really mix together.  It was nice that they had various grades of tuna, including toro and chutoro, on the sushi menu, though.

We had some “teriyaki” foie gras which was excellent, baby octopus which I always love, and a couple of sushi rolls from the standard menu.  Great execution and presentation on all of them.  Good service, too.

We paired all of it with a carafe of the Tanrei sake, which I’ve liked in the past and again was a good match to everything.

All in all, a fun night.  We’d love to go back there.  It’s another time a Groupon coupon takes us somewhere we might not have tried otherwise, and we have a good time.  Seems like a win-win situation.