Restaurant review: Island Creek Oyster Bar

Island Creek Oyster Bar is a seafood-oriented restaurant in Kenmore Square, attached to the Commonwealth Hotel, where Great Bay used to be.  As its name suggests, the emphasis is on oysters, some of which are from Island Creek, and some aren’t.

Island Creek is also a commercial oyster fishing company, so having their own bar means that bar has the freshest oysters, presumably.  That was my assumption anyways.  And now, having gone three times, I think it’s totally true.

The oysters here, especially the Island Creek oysters themselves, but also other varieties, are all excellent.  They are super-fresh, flavorful, clean, and fun to eat.  I really like them.

I’ve also had some fish, eggs, and other appetizers at this place.  All were good or excellent.  The wine list is reasonable, the beer choices excellent (surprisingly so!), and service has been good every time.

Island Creek is rapidly rising in my book of favorite Boston places.  It’s not super-fancy, which is good.  The atmosphere is nice.  It’s packed and high-energy on Friday and Saturday nights, and calmer during the week and during Sunday brunch.  That’s a good mix.

Highly recommended.  Make sure to have some Island Creek oysters when you go.