Snowboarding so far this season

This is my first year back snowboarding after a ~10-year absence.  It’s scary.  This time, I’m trying to learn proper technique and fundamentals, so that eventually I have good form.  Last time I tried, being far younger and impervious to injury, I just rocketed down the hill, straight down as best I could, crashed, and resumed.

So far we’ve been on a handful of trips, mostly day trips, and I’ve spent much of my time on the bunny hill, then green slopes.

One of the times we went was in December, following yet another Boston snow storm.  This time my friend Sam Clemens joined us, along with his dad and brother, and they had a video camera with them.  Hence this extremely rare footage of me snowboarding.  I’m the very very slow guy near the end of the movie, as annotated in the video.

Thanks, Sam et al, for producing and sharing this 😉  I’m posting it here so that I have something funny to look back to in the future, when I’m hopefully much better.

Note: this video shows my first “blue” run this decade, Ralph’s Run, in Wachusett Mountain.

We have two more snowboarding trips scheduled this season.  One this weekend to Stratton Mountain in Vermont, and one in March to Park City (Utah).  After those, I’ll post a season recap complete with reviews of my gear.

Untitled from Samuel Clemens on Vimeo.