Awesome snow at Stratton Mountain

This blog post is a little delayed, but last month Alli and I went to Stratton Mountain in Vermont, for a weekend of snowboarding with our friends Ziv and Orit.  This was our first-time ever at Stratton, which we chose based on a recommendation from Sam, and it was AWESOME.

We had a great time.  The snow was amazing: lots of fluffy powder, no ice at all.  It was not painful to fall, which helps one’s confidence, which in turn makes one a better rider.  At least that’s how it was for me.

The trails are wide and a lot of fun.  Some are groomed, some not.  The lifts were good and fast.  The main gondola had a line at time, but we only rode it once or twice and then stuck to the lifts in our area(s) of the mountain, like American Express and the others.  Really good layout, easy to find your way around, and again, awesome snow.

We’re definitely coming back to Stratton next season.  Hopefully we’ll make reservations far enough in advance to get a hotel room in the little Stratton Village right on the mountain.  This time we stayed at the Snowdon Motel, about 15 minutes away.  It was nice, clean, and warm, so no complaints, but staying on the mountain would be even better.