Contractor review / recommendation: Driscoll Contracting

Two weeks ago Alli and I had many of the windows in our condo replaced.  We spoke to several contractors and vendors, and didn’t see anyone we liked, plus their prices were outrageous, but the project needed to be done.

I had a random idea a few months ago, though.  Our architects at HubSpot, with whom I worked a lot last year, are awesome. architecture3s is their firm name, and Vin and Todd are the principles with whom I worked.

I asked them for a recommendation for a residential contractor, and they, through an intermediary, recommended this guy, Brendan Driscoll of Driscoll Contracting.

We met Brendan, liked him right away.  He seemed reliable, professional, and reasonable.  He did an estimate, measured things out, ordered the windows, and two weeks ago installed them with his crew.

I can’t recommend Driscoll Contracting highly enough.  They were simply awesome, above all our (high) expectations.

They showed up on time, they were friendly, they had all the gear, they cleaned up spotlessly after themselves each day.  They completed the job on time and on schedule and on budget, all as promised / estimated.

The windows look and work great.  I will now use Driscoll Contracting for all my home improvement projects, I think.  Just a great crew.

I have no shares nor any kind of ownership in them.  Just a happy customer.