Restaurant review: Deuxave

Deuxave is a new-ish restaurant in Boston’s Back Bay.  We’ve driven past it many times on our way to/from work, and it looked good.  So this past weekend, Alli and I celebrated our monthly date night, aka “the 23rd,” at Deuxave.

We had a good time.  The restaurant is beautifully-decorated, and service was friendly.  The food was very good.  Not incredible, but not bad at all.

Possibly the best dish was one of the appetizers, a duo of wagyu beef carpaccio with steak tartare.  The tartare had a quail egg on top, which was an amazing combination.  It looked great and tasted amazing.  Awesome plate.

My steak was good, and Alli’s pasta was pretty good, as was the “variations on chocolate and raspberry” dessert.  Nice presentation on all of them, good portion sizes.

We had a couple of good drinks from the bar, and a glass of wine, but weren’t in a huge wine mood, so not much to write about this time.

All in all, a nice place, a good addition to the neighborhood.