A couple of quick reviews: Forum, Cafeteria, Harry Potter, and The Scarecrowd

Getting in a couple of quick reviews in the middle of a long Labor Day weekend.

On August 23rd, Alli and I went to Forum, a new restaurant in Boston’s Back Bay, for our monthly date night, aka “the 23rd.”  Forum is the replacement for Vox Populi, a restaurant / bar we both liked.

You could tell the restaurant is new and still working on its operations.  Our server was friendly and well-intentioned, but did not know the menu or cocktails very well.  The food itself was pretty good, featuring beautiful presentations and interesting ingredients, but the flavors themselves were underwhelming.  The decor was beautiful, and the location cannot be beat, so hopefully as the restaurant tweaks and improves, it will become great.

Yesterday we had a quick brunch at Cafeteria, on Newbury Street.  It was a beautiful summer Saturday, and we ate outside, which was great.  I had the crab roll, which was delicious, and Alli had the greek salad which was decent.  The place has a broad menu that aims to please, with nothing too crazy or inventive, and a lot of comfort food.  Service was friendly, if a bit slow.  All in all, a fun place to sit outside and watch the crowds, but not a foodie destination.

On Friday night, we met up with friends from work and saw the last Harry Potter movie.  We wanted to go see it on opening weekend, but that didn’t work out.  We both enjoyed the movie a lot.  I’ve read all the books, but Alli has not, and yet we both liked the movies.  Great cinematography, great stories, a pretty fun movie.

Finally for this quick review roundup, a book I just finished: The Scarecrow, by Michael Connelly.  I read the Hebrew translation of this book, not the original in English, but I imagine they’re similar.  It’s a good, captivating story about seriali killers.  I like that genre in general, but this one is well-told and features some cybercrime and cyberespionage to make it even more interesting.  Highly recommended, and a great beach book.


That’s it for this quick review roundup.  Happy Labor Day everyone, and remember, my birthday is tomorrow 😉  (September 5th…)