Cool little poem from "All my friends are dead"

My little sister Ayelet was here to visit Boston for a few days earlier this month.  She found and bought this little book, All My Friends Are Dead, by Avery Monsen and Jory John.

It’s a funny little illustrated book, takes < 10 minutes to read from end to end.  And it's freely available for reading online at  I read it one morning since she just left it on the kitchen table, and I liked this poem from the end of it:

Sometimes I feel alone.
Some days are long and hard.
But when I look out into the world,
I am struck by the impossible beauty of it all.
Those billions of magnificent accidents that
led us to where we are today,
that led us to paper planes and
nautilus shells and the tiny,
crooked smiles of children.
When I think about all the
small perfections of the world,
I have faith that my time will
come.  I have faith that some-
day, a warm light will flood over me
and I will find peace.

Enjoy the fall season, everyone 😉