Movie review: Margin Call

Last night I watched the movie “Margin Call” at the Coolidge Corner cinema.  It was a decent movie: not great, not bad.  I don’t have a ton to say about it.

One of my favorite things about the movie was the shots of New York City from the high offices of the financial firm depicted in the movie.   Lots of great shots during the day, at night, from various angles, really cool.  One of the best is near the end, when the firm’s CEO is having dinner at the upstairs private dining room by himself.

I like Kevin Spacey as an actor, and he does a good job here, as always.  The story is interested, but the various books I’ve read on the 2008 meltdown were much better.  For example, I reviewed Michael Lewis‘s “Big Short” last year, and I thought it was awesome.

Anyways, a decent movie.  It’s also fun to see a movie sometimes in the Coolidge’s upstairs “Gold Screen” room, which has ~10 wide leather armchairs, feels like someone else’s home cinema.