2 more good TED talks

Dan Ariely, who was my marketing professor back at Sloan, and has since moved to another school (a big loss for MIT), was always notable for both his style, and for conveying more meaningful stuff in 5 minutes than most professors do in 50.  I really miss him.  If you haven’t read his book (Predictably Irrational) or his blog, you should.

Here’s a TED talk from him that’s less than 6 minutes in duration, as opposed to the usual 15-20 minutes.  Yet it has his signature combination of real stories (in the Made to Stick style), humor, and significant lessons.  He always makes me think twice.

The second great recent TED talk I found via Arjun Moorthy, aka @juicemoorthy, who has his own good blog, and works with me at HubSpot.

The talk is by Kevin Slavin, who has a great home page, which does a better job summarizing what he does than I would here, so just go read it.  Then watch this fascinating TED talk about how algorithms shape our lives in more ways than we might imagine.