It’s dodgeball on trampolines!

This was so much fun, you should not read this blog post, and instead head to the nearest SkyZone Sports venue to play.

Last weekend I met up with a group of friends to play trampoline dodgeball, also known as 3D dodgeball.  I’d been wanting to do this for a year or so, since I found out about the Boston SkyZone facility near us.

The game exceeded my expectations, and I’ll definitely do it again.  It was more of a physical workout than I anticipated: all of us were soaked and sweaty after playing for 30 minutes, and pretty beat after an hour.

It was also more fun than I expected.  There’s something childish, maybe, about just bouncing around on trampolines, including the occasional crashes.  But nonetheless, it’s a blast.

We do have video of us playing, but it’s not on my iPhone.  I hope to get a copy soon from the person who videotaped us.  Until then, this demo video will have to do…

I noticed they have bounce boards for rent at the facility.  This could be really useful for practicing kiteboarding and snowboarding tricks.  Mental note 😉