Get Mortified was a fun Valentine’s Day event

Get Mortified” was a fun unusual event I went to last week.

It was the day before Valentine’s Day (Monday, February 13th, 2012), and it was sold out at the Coolidge Corner Theatre‘s big room.

The event was basically about 10 people, guys and girls, getting up on stage and sharing their most embarrassing love-related stories.  Some people read from their teenage diaries, some read or sang poetry they wrote to past boyfriends / girlfriends, and others just verbally shared some stories.

Almost every speaker had a fascinating story to tell, and most of them told it really well.  I went with a friend, and we (like most of the audience) were laughing nearly the whole time.

This is part of a series of events, with all the details available at Get Moritifed.  I will keep an eye out for future events in Boston, since this one was a lot of fun.