Product review: Caseable MacBook Air case

A couple of weeks ago I ordered a custom MacBook Air case from Caseable, an online provider.

There’s not a ton to write about here: it all worked well, as I expected.  Designing the case was pretty easy, the UI is reasonable, the order confirmation and shipping emails were all timely, and the final case is awesome.

The strap / handle options are a bit confusing, but not bad.  The price ends up OK as well.  I’m very happy with my case.

The fit for my new 13″ MacBookAir is perfect.  I was also able to have the back side “image” simply be my contact information in huge letters, which saves me from having to stuff a business card or similar inside the case.  The front is a nice kiteboarding image, which also came out at high resolution, nicely done.

If you need a laptop case made, Caseable is a good choice.