Recent fav music

The past couple of months, partially thanks to a new friend, I’ve been listening a little less to my usual techno + trance work (although I didn’t fully stop ;)), and a little more to some alt + indie work.  It’s been fun.

I wanted to share some of my favorites from recent months, if only for my own amusing recollection years from now.  This is not a complete list, just the top few from my Spotify and iTunes play counts, unsorted. 
A number of these have been getting airplay on stations like WFNX, too, which is my standard radio channel around town.  And you can catch at least two of these groups in the upcoming “Seaport Six” day-long concert, which should be awesome.  I had tickets but had to give them away since I’ll be out of the country.  (More on that in an upcoming blog post.)
The Silversun Pickups: Panic Switch, Bloody Mary (Nerve Endings), and more.  I wish they’d tour more on the east coast.  Listen to the chorus lyrics on Panic Switch…
Young the Giant: My Body, Cough Syrup, and more.  Their whole recent album is good.

Of Monsters and Men: Little Talks, their only track I really like so far, but a good one.  Also, the first MySpace link on this blog in years.

Metric‘s Help I’m Alive is fun.  I hope they follow it up with more goodness.

Walk the Moon: Anna Sun is awesome, other songs OK.  Would love to see them live.

Grouplove: Tongue Tied rocks, and the rest of the recent album is pretty good too.  They had a show with Young the Giant (above) together in Boston a couple of months ago, which I’m sorry to have missed.

The Bombay Bicycle Club is a fun London-based group, and I like their track Shuffle among others.  I saw them live with a friend here in town back in March.  Apparently they’re doing well, playing ever-bigger venues and touring a ton.  I saw them at The Middle East (downstairs), but their next Boston show, in July, is at Royale.  And they’re playing Webster Hall in NYC right after that.

Placebo‘s The Bitter End is not new, just a ton of fun.

Same for The Killers‘ track from years ago, Somebody Told Me.  Apparently my iTunes has been playing it more recently.  Maybe because of Tommy Marth‘s suicide? 😦

Childish Gambino has some amazing lyrics, e.g. on Hold You Down and Heartbeat.  I really wanted to see his Boston show in June, got tickets, but I will be out of the country (still, same as Seaport Six above).  Enjoy the show, Mike — take some pics!

Rubblebucket is one of those bands that is way better in person than recorded.  They bring a ton of energy to their show.  I saw it with a friend a few days ago at the Paradise here in Boston, a nice small venue.  Their track Bikes is my favorite.

Two Door Cinema Club‘s What You Know is fun.  They too are in the Seaport Six above.

The Best Coast has a number of fun tracks, and they’ll be in Boston in July.  My favorite of theirs so far is The Only Place, which I was humming to myself, apparently sometimes loudly, while running a 5K last week.

The WombatsJump Into The Fog is also not new, but it’s been playing more recently.  Another UK alt group on my list, huh?

Finally, since I have to run, a cute song from Frank Turner, I Still Believe.

A long list, and that’s just ~1 genre of music 🙂  Hopefully others will find it useful, but I know I’ll find it amusing years down the road.

From the Rubblebucket concert at Paradise, May 2012.