Guchi’s Midnight Ramen, yoga, Art of Flight

Another collection of quickies from the past couple of weeks.


I’ve been enjoying yoga a lot more than in the past. I’m leaning more towards the straight-up Vinyasa Flow classes, as opposed to those with hip hop or other fast music.

The music is fun and useful if you want distraction (e.g. when I run, I almost always listen to music), so the same class feels harder without music, but I like it that way.

At the same time, I do really like black light yoga. The effects of the light make the class much more visually interesting.

A shout-out + thank you here to Ame, Goldie, Brenna, Caitlyn, and Sarah, my fave teachers so far.

Yoga has been a great way to learn more about my body, and it’s definitely been helping my balance, agility, and flexibility. I still mostly suck at it, but I’m improving, and enjoying.

Oh, and I have a neon-green yoga mat, which turns out to be a highly-entertaining accessory to carry on your back around the Back Bay.

Guchi’s Midnight Ramen:

This was my #1 foodie popup to attend, but it’s a little bit of a challenge to get into. Nonetheless, with the help of a good friend, I managed to snag a ticket to yesterday’s GMR brunch.

It was one of the best foodie events I’ve been to, in Boston or anywhere, for a number of reasons. The food was delicious. There wasn’t a ton of it, just proper portions for appetizer, entree (ramen of course, uni and miso mazemen to be specific), and dessert. This is really nice because they usually over-feed you at these events, which never feels good afterwards.

The ramen was among the best I’ve had, including in Tokyo.

The other factor which made it an outstanding event was the company. It was mostly local tech people and entrepreneurs. I knew many of them already, met a couple of fun new ones, and the conversation was easy + flowing the whole time.

From left: James Psota, Chef Guchi, yours truly..

Thank you to Jennifer Lum, Drew Volpe, and Boaz Sender for organizing, Bocoup Loft for hosting, and Guchi and Tracy Chang for feeding us.

The Art of Flight:

Went to the 3D IMAX showing of the Red Bull film when it was in town a couple of weeks ago, had a blast 🙂 Mouth agape much of the time, and again a great crowd as one might expect. Just about as many “holy s*#$!” moments as Further, making those the two top snowboarding films of the year for me.

(Watch in HD full screen, not on this blog…)

Finally, totally unrelated and not worth reading: a BlogDash verification link.