ScrumMaster certification

On Monday and Tuesday this past week, I spent the day attending a ScrumMaster certification class. The ScrumMaster, as the name implies, is one of the roles in the Scrum agile product development framework. I wanted to learn more about the system so I can better implement it at the home of internet marketing experts, HubSpot.

The class was taught by Ken Schwaber, one of the “inventors” or founders of Scrum. He was great. He had a lot of good examples, funny stories, and he didn’t mess around. I like teachers who cut through pleasantries and just convey a lot of information.

I won’t go too much into detailed about Scrum or the course. I do like the framework because it does not try to do too much. It’s not a silver bullet and does not claim to be one. Instead, it’s a set of simple rules to help improve transparency and communications. We’ll see how it works 😉