SDM Connect (July 2008)

On Thursday evening I went to MIT to speak to some current System Design and Management (SDM) fellows. This is the same graduate program I completed a couple of years ago, the same one I recommend to people with an engineering background who want to do more “management stuff.”

In fact, I blogged a little bit about the program, the classes, the curriculum, and more while I was a student. You can find those blog posts right here with a simple search 😉

SDM Connect is a semi-regular get-together, organized by Jeremy this year. I always enjoy the opportunity to meet new SDM students (and new people in general), so this was a lot of fun.

The conversation covered some of my personal background, my thoughts on some SDM courses a couple of years after graduating, some of the cool stuff we do at HubSpot, and more. I had a good time, and hopefully some people found it useful.