MIT SDM networking event

This week is the MIT SDM “business trip” where distance students come to town.  Not by coincedence, it’s also the annual alumni conference, now re-christened as the Systems Thinking conference.

As an aside, the conference features many interesting speakers.  You should swing by and check it out.  I attended a couple of talks today and they were very good.
Another cool thing this week is that we held a networking event for alumni and current students.  I helped organize and host it, but really it’s not much work.  Helen Trimble did all the hard work, I just had fun and helped here and there.
The event was at the Cambridge Brewing Company (CBC), and we had a very good turnout.  Some other SDM bloggers already covered it, so I won’t add much.  It seems like there enough fuel on the fire that we could have a monthly or bi-monthly social thing with good success.
Thanks to SDM for sposnsoring this!
Tomorrow I’m spending most of the day at the conference, so I’ll probably have more to blog about.