MIT Systems Thinking conference: Senge, de Weck

Yesterday I attended a couple of good talks at the MIT Systems Thinking conference, formerly known as the MIT SDM Alumni conference.

The first talk was by Peter Senge, of Fifth Discipline fame.  He talked about how reducing your company’s carbon footprint and doing other environmenaly-friendly work can improve your company’s profitability.  It’s perhaps counter-intuitive, but he is a good speaker and had a variety of good examples.  You can see the abstract here, and videos will be online soon.
Next up I listened to Oli de Weck talk about the importance of adaptability and chaneability in systems.  He was my System Project Management professor and I really liked him then.  He is a good speaker and has good examples.  You can see his talk abstract here.  His group also has a web site at
Then I went back to the office, but I came back for the last talk of the day.  Valerie Casey, head of “Software Experience” at IDEO, gave a pretty interesting talked about “Networked Culture and the New Cartographers.”  She was a good speaker, especially when she got into it and ad-libbed a bit.  IDEO is a company I really like, mainly for their super-creative vibe.
I’m also Twittering from the conference.
Thanks to the SDM engineering management program and staff for organizing and sponsoring the conference!