Concert review: Eyal Golan

On Saturday night (Valentine’s Day), Alli and I went to see Eyal Golan in concert.  He’s an Israeli singer of the “mizrahi” style of music (really, an ethnicity that’s much more than simply music.)

The concert was awesome, a lot of fun.  It was a decent size venue at Regis College, about 1000 people.  Not too big, and small enough that you’re really close to the stage.
A few minutes into the concert, people started getting up and dancing in the aisles.  By the end of the concert, almost everyone was dancing in a semi-mosh-pit up front, including us.
We knew most of the songs, since we own a couple of his album.  But he had a few old songs in there we didn’t know.  Overall the mix was good between slow and fast.
If you get a chance to see him in concert, I recommend it.