Refresh Boston — Matt Oliphant

Last night Dharmesh and I went to Refresh Boston, a local meetup of developers and designers here in the Boston (duh) area.  There was some mingling, and one talk by Matt Oliphant.

Matt was good.  I’ve been reading a lot about usability (both with a lower case u and a capital, Usability) recently.  We’ve also been applying more of the lessons and best practices at HubSpot.  For example, we now have a real Usability Lab, done the Krug “10 cents a day” way.  It’s great.
It was also fun to see some familiar faces, such as John R and Jon P, at the event, and catch up a little.
Finally, the Microsoft Startup Labs space is cool.  It was nice of them to host.
All in all, a good event.  RefreshBoston stays on the short list.