Boston Frisbee games on Sundays

A few people have expressed interest, so I figured I’d put together a quick blog post for future reference.  This is where and when I play Ultimate Frisbee these days, because the level of commitment is right for me.  That is: virtually no commitment.

Boston Frisbee is the name of the organization.  It’s always free, always welcome, and full of really nice people.  I’m not an organizer, I just show up and play.  The website is on Meetup, and has plenty of information and details:
You don’t have to RSVP on the web site or join the web site to play.  You can just show up without telling anyone in advance.
They play on Tuesdays (evening), Fridays (evenings), and Sundays (afternoon).  99% of the time I play, it’s on Sunday afternoons.
The Sunday afternoon game is at the Boston Common, right in the middle, by the baseball diamonds.  The fields are reserved.  The time of the game depends on the time of year: 1pm in the winter, moving gradually to 4pm in the summer.  The official game goes on for about two hours.  But you will see people tossing frisbees around well before and after, and you can join them at any time.
It’s best to arrive by T (MBTA).  The Arlington, Boylston, and Park Street stops are all good.  But if you’re coming by car, you can try to park on the street at a meter, or (usually), at the parking lot under the Common.  The lot is open late and it costs $11 max on Sundays as of right now.
The teams are randomly chosen from whoever shows up that day.  It’s an honor code system where you play to the level of your teammates and whoever you’re guarding.  That way the game is always competitive, always fun, everyone learns, everyone gets exercise, and no one gets annoyed or angry.
It’s OK to play if you’ve never played before, or haven’t played in years.  There are many new and novice players.  They’re always very welcome, and veterans help them out with side throwing sessions if desired.  No one will make fun of you, and you will be part of a team right away.
There are plenty of women who play with us.  Most games have at least 1-2 women per side (out of 7 players on a team), and often more.  All games are coed and mixed.
We don’t keep score.  Some people do in their head, naturally, but there is no official score, no official winners and losers.
Ultimate is awesome exercise.  It’s one of the main reasons I play.  It’s also a great team sport and builds all the good characteristics of team sports.  Come join us!