Restaurant review: Bond

Bond (at the Langham Hotel in downtown Boston) is really more of a lounge and bar than a restaurant, but nonetheless, we had dinner there last night.  And it was fun!

The place is beautiful.  It used to be a fancy French restaurant, Julien.  But before that, it was a big official bank, complete with a vault area.  It’s beautifully-decorated and laid out, with a lot of nice small touches.
The menu is interesting and offers a lot of fun small choices for sharing and nibbling.  The wine list is OK, not bad at all.  The “by-the-glass” pricing is aggressive (expensive), but there are some good finds to be had.  Same thing in the full bottle wine list.
Our appetizers (lamb tagine and lobster + shrimp rolls) were just OK.  Not bad.  The both our entrees were excellent, and the desserts were amazing.  
For the entrees, I had steak frites and Alli had sea scallops with pork belly.  For dessert, we had these chocolate-cheesecake lollipops which came with a number of things to deep them in, including poprocks, which I love more than I should.  We also had a sampling of four creme brulees, including two outstanding ones: a mojit0-inspired brulee and a pistachio-flavored one.
The atmosphere is very good, the cocktail selection excellent, and the food pricing also very good.  I imagine we’ll be going back to Bond to hang out with friends.