Product review: iHome iH9 iPod alarm clock / radio

I’m always looking to consolidate and combine devices at home. As a minimalist who likes clean, open spaces, the less visible boxes I have at home, the better I feel.

Last month we bought an iHome iH9 iPod alarm clock radio. This is nice since it replaces the iPod (or iPhone) charger, alarm clock / radio, and speakers (if any) for the iPod.

After a bit of research, not a lot, we bought the iHome iH9 because it looked promising. And it’s been great. Definitely recommended.

It’s not particularly big, not heavy, easy to use, and easy to understand. It works very well with both an iPod and an iPhone. The music sounds reasonable, the volume levels are good, and the alarms work very well.

I like the little bit of innovation in having simplified alarm calendar settings. The day options are 7-5-2, for every day, every work day, and weekend alarms. It’s pretty neat, and saves me from forgetting to turn the alarm off for the weekend.

Overall, we’ve had the iHome iH9 for a month, and I like it a lot. Consolidation mission accomplished.