Tizian, Tintoretto, Veronese: Rivals in Renaissance Venice

This past weekend Alli and I went to the Museum of Fine Arts here in Boston. I had wanted to check out this exhibit, Tizian, Tintoretto, Veronese: Rivals in Renaissance Venice, since it started showing a little while ago.

The exhibit was very interesting. I like it when museums display works of art around a theme, as opposed to chronological or some of the more traditional ways of organizing art.

The paintings themselves were beautiful. The richness of the colors, the vividness of the people in the images, and the topics painted themselves were interesting. My favorite was a princess astride a dragon, just because I got tired of the usual religious scenes and the portraits. It’s called St. Louis, St. George, and the Princess, and it’s by Tintoretto:

The organization around the rivalry between the painters was cool. It conveyed a nice sense of competition and some politics.

Overall, the exhibit was fun. It’s not too big, but has enough interesting paintaings to keep you going for a good hour. It’s well-organized, well-curated, and interesting. It’s worth checking out.