Bar review: Drink

I’ve actually been to Drink a couple of times already, and I usually don’t even write about bars. Most of them don’t stand out, and I’m not a big drinker anyways.

But Drink has gotten such buzz around town, and a lot of people at work really like it. So I thought I’d write up a couple of quick notes.
The atmosphere is awesome — classic, energetic, but not too loud. You can converse, the people watching is good, the bartender watching is reasonable, and the place is welcoming. Really nice.
Most of the drinks I’ve had here, however, were too strong for my taste. The Sazerac, the Fort Point Channel, and a couple of others, all the same.
The exceptional thing I love about Drink, however, is their home-made ginger soda. It is absolutely incredible, the best I’ve ever had. I wish I could buy it in bottles, or gallons, and maybe resell it. Try it by itself, first, in a simple glass. Then ask for some drinks that feature it. My favorite is the Dark and Stormy made with this soda, even though I’m not a huge rum fan.
So Drink, like Sportello which is right above it (and owned by the same person), falls in my book as “cool, but I’m not sure it merits a special trip out there.”