Product review: Foursquare

Foursquare is a product / service that comes in the form of a web site and mobile applications. I’ve been using their web site and primarily their iPhone application for a few weeks now.

It’s so much fun 😉 It reminds me of Farmville in its addictiveness. It’s, “Designing for Social Traction” (@bokardo‘s presentation, worth reading the whole thing) done well.
I’ve been using it every day, several times a day, since I got it. I probably use it as much as Facebook, or at least in the same neighborhood. It’s just fun 😉
I love the badge aspect, just like I loved the various Farmville rewards. I even kind of like that they don’t tell you how to get each badge: some of them are hard to discover. This can get frustrating or annoying, for sure, but it’s a fine balance overall.
If you have an iPhone or other phone they support, try Foursquare out 😉 It’s cool.