Product review: iPhone 3GS

Last month, after several years of sticking to my old trusty simple slow Nokia phone, it broke. I had to get a new phone, so I decided to finally get an Apple iPhone 3GS.

I am absolutely thrilled with it so far. It’s been a pleasure to use, and it’s changed my life in meaningful ways.
There have literally been millions of reviews. I’m not going to add much at all. If you haven’t played with one, you should.
The speed difference over Alli’s first-generation non-3G iPhone is significant, easily shown qualitatively.
These are the applications I use regularly:
– Tweetie2 for Twitter (I like it better than both Twitterific and TweetDeck) and TweetPhoto
– Facebook like everyone else
– Foursquare (separate blog post coming on this fun puppy soon)
– Sonos (to control our new speakers)
– Pandora
– Shazam
– OpenTable, Yelp
– Kayak
– DailyBurn
– The Weather Channel
– ESPN ScoreCenter
– Wine Guide
Some games: Paper Toss, Storm8’s Racing Live, Tiger Woods golf, Sudoku, Tap Tap Revenge, Dark Nebula.
I’m too lazy to link to all of the above. They should be easy to Google, and all but one or two are free.
My only complaint about the iPhone is the battery life. I wish it were longer. It works OK for a day of normal use, but I do have to charge it every night.
Overall, I love this thing. It’s just awesome.