Restaurant review: Post 390

Last night Alli and I had dinner at Post 390, a newish bar / restaurant in the Back Bay. We had a blast overall and definitely plan to come back over there in the future, with friends.

Post 390 doesn’t claim to be much: a new, stylish restaurant with “comfort” food in a convenient location. They deliver on all of that, and then some.
The place is good-looking in terms of decoration and layout. It’s fun to walk around, check people out, enjoy the fireplaces and the bars. Really nice.
The atmosphere was positive and high-energy. A lot of people, a lot of talking, buzz, smiles, people having fun. Really nice.
The food was delicious. I had oysters grilled in their shells with linguica as my appetizer, while Alli skipped appetizers and waited for her filet mignon steak, which was one of the best we’d had in a while. My entree was the day’s special, a baked cod fish with deviled crab meat and asparagus. It was perfectly executed, white, tender, succulent, delicious, and of course no need for a knife at all.
We paired these with a 2004 Cain Concept, one of my favorite recent vintage wines (as I’ve mentioned in the past: once, twice). This Napa red is amazing, and I’m going to try to buy another bottle or two.
Service was very good: attentive, friendly, polite, but not rushed for the most part. Nicely done, good attitude.
There was one major incident, however, which I want to share. When Alli got her steak, which came with watercress and onions, she started eating it. It was perfectly cooked, medium rare. When she dug into the pile of watercress on the side, not the steak, a bug came out! It was tiny, maybe 0.1 inches in length. It was alive and moving around a bit.
Naturally, we called the waiter, and gave the plate back. We looked around carefully at our other plates, the table, and the environment, and didn’t see any other bugs. A total of four people from the restaurant came over the apologize and ask if we were OK, including the manager.
They fired up another steak right away, delivered it, and it too was perfectly cooked. (A nice achievement for a thick medium-rare filet mignon.) And they did not charge us for the steaks at all.
So they handled it very well. Both of us were shocked, given the quality of everything else in the restaurant. It seems like an unlikely event, and we still plan to return and enjoy Post 390 some more in the future.