Hotel review: The Muse Hotel, NYC

Last weekend, on our trip to New York City, we stated at the Muse Hotel. The Muse is a small boutique hotel in the Times Square area. It combines nice style, a kick-ass location, and reasonable prices for big rooms, which is a very rare combination for the city.

Alli and I both like staying at boutique hotels. We like the different styles, the non-bland feeling, and the often more personal service you get. Sometimes the service or experience is not as consistent, but the highs tend to be higher than what you get elsewhere. It’s a sort of high-beta hotel experiment, and I’m a fan of those.
The Muse definitely delivered on its promise. The location is hard to beat, literally. You’re right in Times Square, steps away from various subway stations and major attractions. It’s on a small cross street (West 46th) which has tons of small restaurants, primarily Brazilian. But overall the street and the hotel are quiet, like a mini-oasis in the middle of the city.
The room was excellent. We stayed in a suite with a balcony, a rare thing in an of itself in the city. It had nice views, and in the summer it would be amazing. (In the winter, it was a bit cold to just hang out on the balcony for a long time.) Everything was clean, new, working, no problem.
Service was excellent, from the valet who first met us at the door, to the people at reception, to room service. No complaints there. We did have to wait a few minutes for our room to be ready, but not enough time for me to finish checking out the bar’s excellent wine selection.
And all of this came at a reasonable price. For Manhattan, that is. Their base rate is OK, but they have excellent specials from time to time, like most hotels.
Overall, I highly recommend the Muse. It was a great place to stay.