New York City weekend, February 2010

Alli and I went down to New York City (NYC) last weekend. It was a long weekend, with Monday being Presidents Day, and Sunday was also Valentine’s Day.

I am a fan of the weekend getaway in general, as readers of this blog know. We’ve done assorted weekend trips to places like Paris, Amsterdam, and plenty of others. In fact, chances are if it’s a true long weekend, you will not find me at home πŸ˜‰
Of course, NYC is much closer to Boston. A quick car ride away, and we’ve been there plenty of times in the past. We now, when we go, it’s usually to try out good restaurants, do some shopping, meet friends, and generally walk around to enjoy the city.
This time, we did the above, and also went out partying a little bit, and I experimented more with foursquare in its home town. I have to admit, I planned some stops on our trip explicitly with the purpose of checking in on foursquare and earning some badges. Now that’s a pretty powerful product…
I’ll post the hotel and restaurant reviews shortly, in separate posts. In case you’re wondering, we don’t have many pictures from this trip, because we thought we lost our camera. However, gladly, we just found it a couple of days ago in the pocket of a snowboarding jacket. So, yay, we still have the camera, but unfortunately no pics πŸ˜‰