Restaurant review: Fig & Olive (NYC)

Last weekend Alli and I traveled to New York City, and among other places, we had brunch at Fig & Olive. This place was recommended by a good friend and colleague who’s also a TV celebrity.

We had brunch Sunday at noon (when they open) at the 53rd Street location, since we were going to MoMA down the street right afterwards.
Brunch was good. The salad was nice, the charcuterie plate good as well, and I had very nice salmon benedict. Service was friendly, if a bit rushed, which might be understandable since we were in a big group of people all waiting to get in when the place opened at noon.
They also sell a nice selection of olives and dressings, many featuring fig as you might expect from the name. We didn’t buy any since I didn’t want to lug them around to MoMA and beyond. But maybe next time.
Overall, while brunch was decent, there are probably better places I’d recommend for brunch over Fig & Olive. However, if you want to shop for some nice olive oils or vinaigrettes, this is a great place to go.