Why am I not using my Kindle as much anymore?

It’s a question I ask myself as well. I think I have two reasons.

The first one is not directly related to the Kindle. I’ve been reading a little less recently. Work has been super busy, I’ve been traveling on weekends a bit, and we’ve got a busy social life. That’s all good.
The second one is that I’ve been reading a few books in physical format, because my friends and/or colleagues (often the same people) bought the books I had on my wish list anyways. We’ve got an active book exchange going at work, and some interesting tastes. Right now I’m reading Daniel Pink‘s Drive, on loan from Dan. So the limited reading I’ve been doing has been in old-school paper format.
I still like the Kindle as a product. I had a good experience with it, as I’ve blogged in the past. I use it on planes for reading, to take books with me when I travel, etc. I’m curious to try the iPad in the same capacity, too. But it’s interesting that my Kindle has mostly been sitting idle besides my bed for weeks now.
Want to buy a slight used, like-new Kindle DX for a great price? 😉