A nice massage at Emerge Day Spa

After our rock climbing class, Alli and I went down to Newbury Street, for a nice couple of massages at Emerge Day Spa.

I am ordinarily not a spa person myself.  I’ve never particularly enjoyed it.  But this massage was really good.  I got a deep tissue massage, focusing on the upper back and shoulders, since we had just done some rock climbing.  My therapist, Gidget (funny name, huh?), was really cool and good at her job.

Emerge is nice because it also has a number of different relaxation and lounging areas, for before and after your treatment(s).  The rooftop deck overlooking Newbury Street is particularly nice, as is the fireside lounge on the top floor next to it.

The spa is a little expensive, but in line with other Boston (as opposed to suburb) spas.