Restaurant review: Meritage (again)

On Saturday evening, concluding our anniversary celebrations, Alli and I went out to dinner at Meritage.  This is one of our favorite restaurants in town, as I’ve blogged before.  It’s food is reliably great, the setting romantic and quiet, service excellent, and it’s all consistent.  Hard to beat.

The emphasis at Meritage, for me at least, is as much on the wines as on the food.  The food was excellent: cod loin with chorizo, ostrich fan fillet, and more.  But the wines were just awesome all around.

With our appetizers, we had one glass each of the 2006 St. Supery “Virtu” white meritage, and the 2006 Monchhof Erdener riesling, both spectacular.  The St. Supery is the best white wine I’ve had in a couple of years, for sure.  With our entrees, we shared a half-bottle of the 2004 Cain Five, a spectacular red.  I’ve blogged about the Cain Concept before, and the Five is just as good.