The Listserve so far

The Listserve is an interesting project: read the background.  I think I was one of the first members due to an unlikely combination of circumstances, which doesn’t belong in this blog post.

It’s been pretty interesting, and I like having one totally random human-written (for now, anyways…) email a day.  The topics are all over the place, and as you would expect, not all are stellar.

This is my favorite email to date, from about four days ago (April 23rd 2012), by someone named nicolas314.

When I turned twenty I had reached a point where my earthly possessions could be summarized as the clothes I was wearing, an old bag containing some more clothes, a few science-fiction books, and my guitar. No money, no place to live, just a bunch of friends who helped me out of the streets and put me back on my feet.

Ending up in such a pit you first feel anger, then sorrow, then you make fun of it because that is the only way to make it bearable, and then you can go forward. It took me three more years to be able to shop for food without having to count change in my pockets.

Twenty years later I gave the books away but I still keep the old bag as a memory and my guitar is now standing in the living-room where I occasionally use it to sing for my kids.

Life has been a tough ride so far, but at least I know how to live without being bothered by simple objects. I know the only things you can count on are:
– What is inside you: your skills, your knowledge
– Good friends, and other people you love

Be generous and help somebody today get out of poverty. We all deserve a future.

On the way from Germany to France