2012 NCAA Final Four: New Orleans

Earlier in April my dad and I went to the NCAA men’s basketball Final Four, as we do every year.  It’s become our main father-son tradition, something I highly recommend.

This year’s event was in New Orleans, a fun city, and a fantastic place to have a Final Four or other events.  We hadn’t been since before Hurricane Katrina hit, so it was interesting to see if the city had changed at all.


To our casual, unfamiliar eyes, mostly focused on the French Quarter, not much had changed.  Things looked similar and the people / vibe were similar, too.



Which means we had a great time 🙂  The Final Four always has open air concerts, and I got to see The Black Keys live, which was great.  New Orleans has oysters and great local craft beers, both of which are among my favorite things to consume, so that’s a win.



The games were closely-contested, the crowd was in good spirits, we knew a few other people in town for the event, and overall it might have been my favorite Final Four yet.