A couple of quick restaurant reviews: Oishii, Strip T’s

Although I’m mostly writing about my round-the-world trip (see #rtw2012 posts) right now, I don’t want to develop a big backlog of other activity-related items. Hence a couple of quick reviews.

Salmon on fire at Oishii

Oishii Boston was the first sushi restaurant I went to once I landed back in the US. It was delicious and beautifully-presented, as always.

The “salmon on fire” is worth getting, if only for the presentation. The maki were good, and I didn’t go omakase this time (since I was sharing the food with a friend who said she wasn’t that hungry…).

The sake selection has room for improvement, but overall, I really enjoyed this place. It comes the closest to Tokyo out of all the places in Boston, easily.

Nice desserts at Oishii.

Earlier this week I went to Strip T’s, a small restaurant in Watertown, out of the main culinary areas of Boston. The place had been getting much press and traction thanks to a new chef, who used to be a chef at one of my all-time favorite restaurants, Momofuku Ko in New York City.

Japanese eggplant banh mi

I had been there before, but didn’t review it apparently. I don’t know why. I had the same appetizer as last time, the Japanese eggplant banh mi, because it’s so good.

This time I also tried their buttermilk fried chicken, although I hardly ever order fried food, based upon a friend’s a recommendation. It was good. My friend has the smoked rainbow trout entree, and I think that was better.

Smoked rainbow trout — delicious.

The service was great, as before. They make you feel like family, in a good non-pushy way. The place is very very loud, which I don’t mind, though some might.