A running shoe update

A brief note for the runners in my readership, and for my own record.

Last weekend I replaced my previous running shoes, the Adidas “Adizero Feather 2.0s,” due to wear and tear. They are a great minimalist shoe, and served me for nearly 1,000km of running and walking over the past year. I recommend them if you want a very light minimalistic shoe.

Adidas Adizero Feather 2.0

I’m spending more time running as part of my triathlon and other training, so I’m putting more mileage on my shoes, and replacement is natural. I actually got two pairs, for two different scenarios. It’s too early to post reviews on these, but so far I like them.

I got one pair of Adidas Climawarm Blast shoes. These are not minimalist, they offer more support, including laterally, which is good, because I’m doing (and planning to do) more trail running. They are also more insulated, again for trails, and also for cooler weather.

Adidas Climwarm Blasts

The other pair I got is an Under Armour Micro G Split running shoe. This is another minimalist shoe, a more direct replacement to the aforementioned Adizeros. These are useful for the gym, shorter runs, walking around, and more. Plus I’m such a fan of the Under Armour Heat Gear material that I wanted to see what the shoes are like, particularly in the hot seasons.

Under Armour Micro G Split

Time will tell how these do.