2012 rocked. What’s up for 2013?

2012 was a great year. I have neither the time nor the intention to write lengthy summary post, but the year brought much good.

I believe 2013 will continue in much the same way.
I stopped working at HubSpot and started at Happier, two great (but very different) companies, and I’m excited about that.

I took a trip around the world. I’m still blogging about that, only about 20% done. During that trip, as well as before and after, I’ve met many new friends. Some through sports, e.g. the amazing November Project tribe, some through other activities, some through mutual friends.

I got a little bit more fit, a little stronger, a little faster, though much progress remains to be had on that front. In the process, I learned more about my body, re-discovered both yoga and football (soccer), and built up skills in other sports, some more obscure than others.

I learned about myself as a person, had a bunch of time for reflection, and crossed a few items off my “bucket list,” while adding a few others.

I’m very lucky, and I appreciate it. No complaints here.

So what’s up for 2013?

Happier will be a big focus. We want to launch our product to the public, and continue iterating on it quickly, learning from our users and their feedback. The indications of progress here are pretty obvious and many are available to the public: releases, users, active users, etc.

I have a couple of trips planned, as usual to visit my family in Israel, but also a couple of adventures. More on those as they get closer or get done. The next one is actually this coming Saturday, to Mount Washington in New Hampshire’s White Mountains.

I will volunteer a bit more, at least once a month, every month. I did some in 2012, including on my trip, but only recently did I find a good source of volunteering activities around me that is online, updated near-real-time, and provides diverse opportunities without consuming a lot of setup time.

I will become a better swimmer. I think I’ll hire a coach for a few sessions and see how that goes. I need to get faster in the water for some of the longer distance triathlons on my mind. I’d love to do the half ironman swim in 40 minutes.

I will watch at least one random TED talk every week. Each one is very good, and I want to shake out my talk selection bias.

There will be more. But I’d rather have 3-4 concrete resolutions with accompanying metrics, and stick to them, than a whole hodgepodge of stuff.

Have a great 2013, everyone!