Ella is seven months old :)

It’s been a busy time, almost six months since I last posted here! I’ve spent most of my time the last few months digging into venture capital as a potential professional path. I’ve been writing about that at Lager Tech, if you’re curious.


Baby Ella has been growing wonderfully, and it’s been a pleasure to watch, help, and just play with her 🙂 Lisa and I are typical new parents, I imagine, although we’re trying to be fairly relaxed and do our own thing. Lisa is an amazing mom, as expected. I’m a lucky guy, and I recognize it every day.


I’m going to take August off, spending all of it with family on a big trip. Besides visiting family in Israel, I’m excited to check out Croatia for the first time, and see parts of Italy I haven’t visited.


I also have some professional news to share, coming soon 🙂 But for now, enjoy the pictures of Ella, and have an awesome summer!