MA -> CA

Lisa, Ella, and I are moving to California, after many years living in the Boston area.

We’ve talked about this on and off for years, but the timing is good now.

I’m not leaving Facebook, though I’m going to work in a different part of the company (Instagram) on a different set of challenges.

We’re going to live in Palo Alto, right in the middle of Silicon Valley. It’s a curious place, perhaps past its peak, expensive, crowded… But as a technologist, I want to live and work there full-time at least once in my career. It’s a professional “bucket list” item.

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We still love Boston. We’re keeping our home here, we have family here, and will be visiting regularly. Also sports 😉

We’re still bullish on Boston for technology, too. The city is a great place to start a business, increasingly not just in B2B or biotech, but in a growing range of industries and areas. We’ll keep making investments here and supporting the startup community.

If you’re in northern California, please stop by. We love visitors 🙂