Last-minute tickets for the Sox worked out

Last night, as Alli and I were heading to dinner at Maluken, I realized we had decent timing. Our dinner would be over right around the time the Red Sox game next door was starting. I had read and heard that scalpers drastically reduce ticket prices in the minutes after the first pitch.

So I suggested, and Alli agreed, to spontaneously test out that theory. We walked around a bit after dinner, talked to some scalpers, and bought a pair of decent tickets for the game. We only paid a tiny amount over face value. We paid much less than comparable tickets were selling for on

The game itself was great. It’s always a pleasure to be at Fenway, and feed off the crowd and the energy. The Red Sox played well, with the offense finally showing up. The new guy, Jason Bay, got a lot of applause, and he made the crowd happy with both hitting and defense.

Overall, it was a nice mid-summer evening in Boston. We’re lucky to live in this city.


The Inbound Marketing Summit looks pretty cool

HubSpot is organizing a marketing conference about a month from now, the Inbound Marketing Summit. It’s a chance for the marketing people in your company / organization to learn why what they’re doing is likely as out-dated as the carrier pigeon, and pick up on new tools, technologies, and strategies and will great improve their marketing effectiveness.

No need to buy HubSpot software or become a customer, of course. And you should tell your marketing person to register this week (by August 8th) using this discount code: 8EHR2. It will save them some money ๐Ÿ˜‰

Restaurant review: Oceana

On Friday night, Alli and I had dinner at Oceana. Oceana is the main restaurant of the Marriott Long Wharf hotel, which is on the water front near the Aquarium. It’s an area that we like a lot all year, but especially in the summer. It’s full of people hanging out at places like Tia’s and The Landing, walking around the water front, and enjoying the post-Big Dig open park spaces.

The restaurant itself was pretty good. It’s a big space and it was almost empty, which is not a good sign. The emphasis, as the name and the location suggest, is on seafood. I had some crab-crusted cod, and Alli had some scallops. Both were good. But the surprise dish was the lobster bisque soup, which was among the best we’ve ever had in that vein.

The pleasant surprise was the wine I chose to complement the meal, a 2006 Casa Lapostolle Sauvignon Blanc. It’s a fairly cheap wine, but proved a great match to the food and truly a joy to sip. Highly recommended, that one, for these hot summer days.

Overall, Oceana is decent. They have a nice terrace, too, which serves a simpler bar menu. The service was good, the location is great, and the food very good as well.

Another busy week, with no time to blog

I don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing that I have little time to blog these days.

HubSpot is definitely on a hockey stick curve, in or entering the steepest part. It’s been really busy, but all good stuff. The new HubSpotters added last month, like Dan, Karen, Adam, and Erin, are impressive. We’re assembling an awesome collection of talented individuals.

Things have been busy at Apache as well. Microsoft’s a sponsor, Tomcat is putting out new releases (though I haven’t put any new code in them myself, I try to test and check stuff), and the Incubator is cranking as always.

This past week SDM, the best program for engineering management education, had its summer business trip, and I helped organized an informal dinner for alumni and current students on Thursday. Sam did most of the work, and he did well. We had a good turnout and a nice mix of old and new.

Local Motors, one of the companies I advise, is doing awesome. Just check out the latest design competition, it’s jaw-dropping.

The night before, Alli and I joined Jeremy and Jeff for a mid-summer BBQ in the rain. Thanks for hosting, Jeremy! Today we’re going to another BBQ, this time at Eric‘s. After that, we’re meeting Ilana and Dan (who are attending the Sox – Yankees game today). Tomorrow we’re hosting a small brunch for a couple of other friends.

And this is a relatively quiet week ๐Ÿ˜‰ But as I always tell myself (and anyone in hearing distance), better to be busy than bored ๐Ÿ˜‰

Happy birthday HubSpot!

Yesterday almost everyone at HubSpot went out to celebrate the second birthday of our internet marketing company. Alyssa and Ellie did a great job organizing the event, as they always do, and I had a blast. I think everyone had a lot of fun.

We went out to Kings for some food, drinking, and bowling. Apparently we have some ringers who are better bowlers than expected. I did just OK, but then again I bowl roughly once every 3 years, so my expectations are low. Team spirit was evident throughout the event, which was cool. And the new people are blending in really nicely.

We posted a bunch of pictures of Flickr if you’re curious.

Happy birthday HubSpot!

SDM Connect (July 2008)

On Thursday evening I went to MIT to speak to some current System Design and Management (SDM) fellows. This is the same graduate program I completed a couple of years ago, the same one I recommend to people with an engineering background who want to do more “management stuff.”

In fact, I blogged a little bit about the program, the classes, the curriculum, and more while I was a student. You can find those blog posts right here with a simple search ๐Ÿ˜‰

SDM Connect is a semi-regular get-together, organized by Jeremy this year. I always enjoy the opportunity to meet new SDM students (and new people in general), so this was a lot of fun.

The conversation covered some of my personal background, my thoughts on some SDM courses a couple of years after graduating, some of the cool stuff we do at HubSpot, and more. I had a good time, and hopefully some people found it useful.

ScrumMaster certification

On Monday and Tuesday this past week, I spent the day attending a ScrumMaster certification class. The ScrumMaster, as the name implies, is one of the roles in the Scrum agile product development framework. I wanted to learn more about the system so I can better implement it at the home of internet marketing experts, HubSpot.

The class was taught by Ken Schwaber, one of the “inventors” or founders of Scrum. He was great. He had a lot of good examples, funny stories, and he didn’t mess around. I like teachers who cut through pleasantries and just convey a lot of information.

I won’t go too much into detailed about Scrum or the course. I do like the framework because it does not try to do too much. It’s not a silver bullet and does not claim to be one. Instead, it’s a set of simple rules to help improve transparency and communications. We’ll see how it works ๐Ÿ˜‰

Weekend in Connecticut

Last weekend Alli and I went down to Brookfield, Connecticut, her home town. We met her parents, who came up from Florida, as well as her best childhood friend, Dani, whose parents hosted us.

It was a great weekend. The house is on Candlewood Lake and our hosts are avid watersports enthusiasts. They have all the gear for wakeboarding, water skiing, boating, fishing, and more. It sure makes the activities easier and more fun when you have all the gear ready. No need to rent it or pay anything.

Candlewood Lake is beautiful and fun. Our hosts made some great food and are just cool. If you’re reading this, thanks again ๐Ÿ˜‰